Local Option Sales Tax Facts and Information Please VOTE on November 3, 2015

On November 3, 2015, Monroe votes will be asked to vote on a one-cent local option sales tax measure for another 10 years.  If approved, the dollars generated will be used for two categories.

            60% for Street Improvements & 40% for Water and Sewer Improvement

The tax on sales and services will produce an estimated $140,000 per year for the benefit of Monroe and its residences.

The Local Option Sales Tax enables a community to shift a portion of the tax burden from property owners to non-residents who visit and shop in our community. Likewise, when any of us visit another Iowa community and purchase goods, we are more than likely supporting their specific cause through the Local Option Sales Tax they have established.

The responsibility of paying for city services; such as fire, police, and for infrastructure; like roads, water and sewer infrastructure has fallen on the property owner.  This is an opportunity to shift some of the tax revenue to others who do not reside in Monroe, but will utilize the same services as those whom live in Monroe.

BENEFITS of Local Option Sales Tax

  •  Encourages Community Betterment through construction and maintenance of  the water and sewer infrastructure in addition to street improvements. 
  • Alternative method of collecting revenues due to shrinking resources and Federal and State mandates. 
  • Helps offset the local tax burden from those living outside the city limits. 
  • Will help to make Monroe more favorable for business development, growth, expansion and retention.



            Groceries        Prescription Drugs     Motor Fuel      Automobiles

            Real Estate     Doctor Visits               Lottery Sales  Hotel/Motel


How is the Local Option Sales Tax enacted?


The Local Option Sales Tax would be enacted with the approval of a simple majority (more than 50%) of all those voting in a “citywide” election.  Monroe has elected to set a “sunset clause” to the measure which would put a 10 year limit of the Local Option Sales Tax Ordinance.


Please VOTE on November 3, 2015.

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