Dumping at the City Brush Dump

Recently, the brush dump is being used as a landfill.  There have been a lot of TV’s, computer parts, furniture, along with various other items that are not supposed to be dumped there.

Clean up days are designated for the purpose of cleaning up materials not normally taken during regular weekly garbage pickup.

If you see someone dumping materials that shouldn’t be in the brush dump, please contact the Police Department at 259-2311 or the non-emergency number at 1-800-362-1851.  You may also contact City Hall at 259-2319.  Try to get as much information as possible like the description of the vehicle, plate number, and a description of the person dumping.

If this abuse keeps up we could lose the brush dump.  The brush dump is an inexpensive way to take care of yard debris.  Individual pickup would just be another expense that residents would have to bare if the brush dump were to be closed.

A few people can ruin a great thing for the majority.

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