City Grass and Weed Ordinance in Effect

monroe iowa city and weed ordinanceThe residents in Monroe are reminded that the Grass and Weed Control Ordinance are now in effect. Please be reminded that this ordinance was designed to beautify and preserve the appearance of the City by requiring property owners and occupants to maintain grass lawns at a uniform height within the boundaries of their property and on abutting and alley right-of-way in order to prevent unsightly, offensive or nuisance conditions.  City Ordinance states the owners, agents, or occupants of all lots and parcels of ground within the City shall be cut or cause to be cut all grass and/or weeds on their respective premises not later than the first and fifteenth day of each month.  In case this section is not complied with within seven (7) days after the first or fifteenth day of each month, the City may cause such grass and/or weeds to be cut, with the cost being assessed to the property owners and/or the City may prosecute.  The City reserves the right to abate the nuisance by contracting out the work to an independent service provider and/or contractor.  Questions or concerns please contact City Hall at 259-2319.

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