March 14th City Council Agenda


Monroe City Council
March 14, 2016 7:00 P.M.
Monroe City Hall
206 W Sherman
Monroe, IA 50170

  1. Roll call
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Committee and Board Reports
  4. Mayor Proclamation for April as Keep Iowa Beautiful Month
  5. Consider Gateway Recreation Class C License with Outdoor and Sunday Sales for 107 S Taylor Street
  6. 7:15 Budget Hearing
  7. Consider Student Request for 4-H Animal Request at 701 W Washington Street
  8. Consider Request for Additional Livestock Usage of School Barn
  9. Consider  Pavement Plan Proposal from ISG Group
  10. Mike Timmins Request for Monroe Bike Nights
  11. Review Request for Proposals received from 406 W South Street
  12. Consider Change of Leighton State Bank Accounts
  13. Consider Gabriel Wilson’s  Living Request Extension
  14. Consider Iowa Interactive LLC License Agreement for Online Payments
  15. Discuss Applications and Set Date and Time for Public Works Director Job Interviews
  16. Consider Ordinance for change of Speed Limit Sign from 45 Miles to 35 Miles Per Hour on Old Business 163 Coming into City Limits
  17. Consider Removing Section 65.04 of Chapter 63 of the City Code of the City of Monroe, Iowa by Replacing Yield Signs listed with Stop Signs.
  18. Approve Hiring of Two Part Time Officers for the Monroe Police Department

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