March 13th City Council Agenda


Monroe City Council
Meeting Agenda
March 13, 2017
7:00 P.M.
Monroe City Hall

  1. Roll call
  2. Consent agenda
  3. Committee & board reports
  4. Mike Gilbert for Mid American Energy check presentation
  5. Consideration of Bike Nights & Old Settlers May through September for alcohol on square
  6. 7:15 Budget Hearing for fiscal year ending June 30th 2018
  7. PFM Group for Municipal Advisory Services
  8. Consideration of resident request for goats located at 1005 N York to assist with property clean up
  9. Review 28E Agreement with Safety Coalition of Central Iowa Cities
  10. Keep Iowa Beautiful Proclamation for April 2017
  11. Consideration of 5 new members for the Monroe Fire and Rescue Service
  12. Determine bid letting procedure for 2004 Monte Carlo
  13. Review Request for Proposal on sale of city property located 815 N Oak Street
  14. Consider alley purchase request for WP Barber Lumber
  15. Consider Board of Adjustment recommendation for new home at 315 N Commerce Street
  16. Discuss Monroe Old Settlers yearly event
  17. Review Identify Theft Resolution dated November 2008 for updates
  18. Transfer of funds resolution from Monroe Recreation Park savings to checking
  19. 1st reading of ordinance for monthly water rates

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