January 8th City Council Agenda


Monroe City Council
January 8, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Monroe City Hall
206 West Sherman Street
Monroe, Iowa 50170

  1. Consent agenda
  2. Committee and board reports
  3. Set budget workshop date and time
  4. Discuss budget amounts for Hometown Pride/Keep Iowa Beautiful for Red Rock Trail requests.
  5. Discuss mowing options for 2018/2019
  6. Discuss loader purchase
  7. Discuss Madsen Field Fencing
  8. Approval of employee paid dental insurance coverage plan
  9. Discussion of putting decals on the Monroe Police Vehicle
  10. Resolution assigning address of 211 South Monroe Street
  11. Resolution to accept Mayor Duinink’s Appointments
  12. Resolution to accept Council Appointments
  13. Resolution for City of Monroe Board Appointments
  14. Resolution designating a City Attorney
  15. Resolution designating Official City Newspapers
  16. Resolution naming City Depositories
  17. 2nd & 3rd reading of ordinance amending the City Code of the City of Monroe, Iowa, by amending subsection 92.09 of Chapter 92 under Water Rates
  18. Vacation payout request


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